47 words per minute

On tuesday I needed to know how many words I type in a minute. And what started out as just a just a message response,  became yet another self enforced competition.


Doing a quick google search came across www.typeonline.co.uk, clicked on the link and up popped a basic screen with two windows. One with text and another for you/me to re input  – there were also start and stop buttons.  Here goes… I clicked the start button and frantically tried to read, type and spell correct as many words as I could. The program does not actually stop after a minute, instead it lets you carry on until you’ve finished and have ‘stopped the clock’ so initially i thought i’d flown through it.

The results were immediate 47 WPM and 1 mistake…that the test knew off, thanks to the powers of spell check. Confident that it must be good, after all I pretty much touch type. Don’t get me wrong I have to look down every so often, especially when there are words I don’t recognise – as it puts me off my flow.

I sent my message: am sitting and typing at 47 words per minute – I know this as I just googled a test and had a go (smiley face)

The response: ‘That’s a really poor typing speed! In my hey day it was 110 99% correct!’


Had another go – 49 and THREE mistakes….cock!

Later that evening I broached the subject of typing speed with my wife (the oracle of language in our house) , her response “I think  50 to 60 is average and 80+ would be considered competent”. Average, I hate that word, Leaves a bad taste in my mouth; its like normal, anther word i’m not a big fan of.  So I’ve decided my 47 is just a jumping off board and my target will be 80+  and NO mistakes!

If anyones actually reading this, wish me luck.


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  1. I tried it – 88 WPM, no mistakes. Keep practicing, you’ll get it. Try to think of typing the entire word instead of focusing on individual letters.

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